9 Reasons – Why people put status updates about life

Lets admit it. We all are absolutely familiar with status updates that are about so called LIFE. We all see it here and there infecting our walls and notifications.

But why do people post so many updates about life? Here are 9 reasons for your comfort. Sit back, relax and enjoy. 😉

1. They just had a break-up – Ain’t it pretty self explanatory? 😛 Well they loved someone so much, thought life was all about rainbows and butterflies and their status on Facebook was…

In a relationship with that_pretty_girl/ that_handsome_guy

… well we can barely imagine how hard it can be on their lives. They hate everything now. They hate the Sun, the Wind, the kids around event the chocolate lava cake!…And to the limits that they can be heard saying “Shit man! this dog shit! Grrrr!!!!!”. Yeah! they want all of it to show up on your wall.

2. They are getting over a break-up! – Ah! self realization!Mind you! this is not a repeat point. They are now either Robert Frost or Bob Marley or “Sai Baba. Filled with all sorts of LIFE CHANGING KNOWLEDGE just by browsing for life quotes on BrainyQuotes or Googling if that’s too mainstream. Yeah! they want to enlighten you so that you learn from those… let it be.

3. They think their life is hell – Be it a family drama or a friend betraying them when going for a movie, everyone considers them to be no less than a military veteran… So? shoot on the wall soldier!

4. They think they just know everything about life – I hate these guys! Seriously!

5. Its trendy for them – When half of the world is talking about it why follow a different path? … and to be trendy all they need is copy-paste. That will easily get them couple of “AWWWWs” or “Its true” and few more red dots on top of their notification icon…They are happy with that.

6. They are the spiritual type – What else they have in life except for talking about it? Shut Up!

7. They don’t need a reason – It is said that nothing in life is free but they want to prove it wrong. They do it for free, without any interest. Enjoy baby!

8. Its in their blood – You can’t change any damn! aspect of it. The only way you can get rid them is hiding all of their posts from the NewsFeed. You want to block or remove them? My condolences are with the other friends of that person.

9.They are real – They don’t shit here and there every now and then. They are genuine. Caution – be prepared to get that “See More” link for a long… really long piece of text.

You feel there are more reasons? Tell me about it in the comments.


Are you a confused developer?

Image courtesy – http://www.ideachampions.com/weblogs/Confused.jpg

Are you a confused developer?

By confused I do not mean a developer who scratches his head for answers to complex programming problems on StackOverflow or Quora. In this scenario, the developer actually knows what needs to be done. He has an absolute idea about the problem.

My idea about a confused developer is a lot generic. Answer the following questions.

  • Do you feel like being in the middle of an ocean of languages and frameworks or more generically technologies?
  • Do you find difficulty in choosing the right tools before you write even a single line of code?
  • Do you become restless and depressed when you see others at your workplace or friends’ list doing a lot but you are not?
  • Do you feel unhappy about going to your office and work on whatever shit you are asked to do?

If majority of your answers are “YES” then congratulations! you are in the “Confused Developer’s” club. Now the question..WHY?

The answer is we are humans. We think, behave and react. We fight for survival and they say, to survive in IT industry, you need to be updated with virtually every other technology that’s out there.

Everyday when you learn something you gradually start filling up  the stack of your brain. With time, even for a small problem, you find yourself diving into the ocean of language / framework -options rather than actually factoring and analyzing the problem. Finally instead of coming up with some solution, you come up with nothing. Reason – a lot of options create confusion ( although it blesses you with control, but still).

As a solution, I am not gonna advice you to meditate :P. You doctor is “basics“.

  • Think about the problem at the very first step. Chop a complex problem into small bits of individual problems and analyze them.
  • Choosing the technology is the second step where you think about the needed performance and ease which comes from the analysis in step one.
  • Next you find the initial solution and implement it. It does not have to be perfect. It should work and that’s what going to boost confidence in you. With time it will become a better solution.

The last two problems that I have mentioned are more about career options. In India, be it the quality of education or the downfall of economy, candidates choose jobs more based on “packages” provided by companies rather than the scope to learn. Some choose it just because of the company brand. Some choose it just because people call them unemployed. Some choose it just to… choose it; no particular reason.

Whatever it may be, the end result after sometime is disappointment at workplace. You get annoyed ‘coz you don’t understand whats going on and more importantly why.

Choosing the right job is kind of a mission. You do a self-analysis and find out your strenghts. You sharpen your skills and then make a strategy to target all those companies which allow your thoughts to flow smoothly.

That said, finding a job like that is a real tough job again. But you don’t need superhero powers for that. All you need is knowledge, expressiveness, confidence and yes! SAMPLES!. Having a good GitHub or StackOverflow profile can be of great help.

Also make time for personal projects that may or may not be from your core background e.g. DIY with Raspberry Pi  or Learn how to create an Android App etc. If you like those  you may even find a job that does not suck! and is far more interesting.

Who does not like to get paid for doing what they like? eh?

That being said, everything needs time and practice. Becoming a developer is not like becoming an overnight hero. Its more like becoming a ninja that asks for dedication and determination. So!, lets dig in!



Kolkata Bus Tips ;)

Tips for kolkata bus travelers

Travel a lot in buses of Kolkata? If you do, this post might help you out to have better time travelling in them. So go ahead and read! and if you know of more tips and tricks, please write them down in your valuable comments. Here I go!

What is making me write this post? Its the struggle that I had to do each day on my way to different destinations in Kolkata. When I was relatively new to this place, I had no idea of routes or the city-map structure or buses. Almost each day I used to travel standing in buses and end the day at home feeling totally tired. But with time and and my wish of exploring the possible ways and finding the best one out, I learned a lot about buses. I am sharing them with you now thinking they might help you out!

Tip No 1 –  Find out ways to reach one place:

This is very important. If you are a citizen of Kolkata or living here for quite a long time, then you should be having the knowledge of Kolkata’s road-map. Its quite simple. Its like intersection of many horizontal and vertical lines unlike many cities where the city-roads are made in circular fashion. At almost each cross point there is something big and in most cases that big thing is your destination or 2 – 5 mins from there. In Kolkata, there are a variety of options to reach that one cross point. Get to know them! They will be very useful in times of traffic jam or drainage system failure.

For example, If you want to reach Central Metro from Howrah,

  • You may take a bus that takes you to C.R.Avenue crossing and you can have a 2 mins walk from there.(e.g – Any bus from Howrah to Sealdah, there are many buses there to be named)
  • You may take a bus that travels through Brabourne Road, takes a left turn near the UCO BANK ZONAL OFFICE and drops you in front of Central Metro Gate.(e.g – Howrah – New Barrackpore Mini buses).

Now if sometimes it rains heavily, you should be taking the second one so that you dont find yourself floating in shit water. :p

Tip No 2 –  How many buses reach the place you want to go?:

This is another important aspect you should keep in mind! Suppose you are newly employed. You now know where you have to come daily but if you have to go there standing all the way each day how that would be? or if it takes you to reach 2 hours from your home but you don’t want to wake up so early? How will you feel? Bad!

In these kind of situations, you should be knowing which buses can take you to that place, the more the number, the less the tension even if you miss one.

Example : If I am at Howrah and I want to reach Esplanade Metro…I wont panic if I miss a bus or two because there is a huge list of buses

  • Howrah – Bhattanagar Mini
  • Howrah – Batanagar Mini
  • Howrah – B.Garden Mini
  • 24A/1 that goes to Mukundapur
  • Howrah – Park Circus Minis
  • Many buses that takes you to Moulali and so on…

and for the same reason I will not have to worry about getting a seat. If I see a bus if full, I’ll take another one. 🙂

Tip No 3 – Take Mini Buses, leave the Big Ones :

Yes! If you are in a hurry, prefer a mini bus to your destination. Why? Because they fill up quickly, they are small in size and in Kolkata,  mini buses hardly care about taking too many passengers in because of their population, their brothers might just fly past them in 1 or 2 mins.

NOTE : If you are a guy, this tip becomes very important as Mini Buses do not have seats reserved for ladies or just a row reserved for them. 😉

Tip No 4 –  Hide in the safe place:

Well you might be one of those unlucky people who really don’t get a seat in buses. But you should be smart enough to grab a safe place to stand. So even if it gets too crowded, you can stand still and don’t find someone polishing your shoes with their shined one. :p

Now! there may be two or three safe places in a bus depending on your destination.

  • If you will have to get down early, take the place just opposite to the bus’s  front gate. That is the corner near the first window of the right side.
  • If its gonna be an hour long journey, do not think of anything and go as inside as possible. You will be safe from the frequent in and out of people from the bus. Specially helps when you have a huge bag tied to your shoulder.
  • Sometimes you might find the seat for Physically Challenged people empty. Sit there until someone comes who needs that seat. That can be your safe place for the time being.
  • This last one is for guys. If you are in blue buses, not getting the seat on the right side, have a seat in the middle row of the seats reserved for ladies… It is almost all the time possible that you reach your place sitting peacefully at the same place. 😉

Tip No 5-  Be smart, Keep Smiling:

Well if you have not got a seat but there is a chance that you may get one, be humble and have a smile on your face. The person sitting in front of you might just offer you his seat when he is about to drop by.

So! Follow these tips and you might start having a better time travelling in buses of Kolkata. These tips helped me a lot. I find myself less tired and less irritated.

Here is the link to all the buses and routes available in Kolkata. Happy Travelling. 🙂 🙂 🙂

I have a wish… Just a wish

Wish…Something that we all have…Something that we ask for to the God irrespective of our age…Something that gives us happiness when it gets fulfilled… Something going along with us in each and every moment of our life…

I too have a wish and that too is very general but also special in a way… Every person on earth wishes for this in their own way, own language, own time and for own people. Yeah…Its the wish to see them HAPPY all throughout their life and that will eventually help you stay happy all time. 🙂 Isn’t it?

Though I know I have this wish, today it suddenly showed itself in a different way that actually caught me thinking for a moment…This post is the result of that. Today is Chat Puja. Here at Sainthia, it is big thing. Its about thousands of religious people who believe in Chat Maiya(The Goddess). Its about wishes, emotions, lights, fireworks, art, photographs and what not. It suddenly makes the otherwise dead bank alive.

So as usual I was enjoying watching people, all dressed up and getting the most out of them for this special time, kids playing in water with balloons, photographs being taken here and there, different expressions, different moods. Then as per the ritual I had to give “Arghya” to the ladies standing there in water till the sunset. It always makes me respect them very much. I had to get into water and then give them “Arghya” . I had to take water from the river and drop it again 3 times and each time i had to wish for something.

The first time… I took water, i was dropping it again and i had to make the first wish…I wished…


I had to be quick but i knew it was not the whole wish. I had to give it second try. Again I was dropping the water…


Ohhhkay.. So I wished what i wished to wish but I still had one wish left to ask. So for the third time, I asked for this…


Done.!! I asked for all three wishes… It was then when it clicked in my mind…TWINGED..;) Looking at the setting sun I was thinking that the above three wishes actually points to the same. In reality I have only one wish… very ordinary but very special too. It is for the people who make my life worth living. Seeing them Happy 🙂 . 

If you people are reading this, you know its for you. I Love you. And with you people around me, I do not want anything else.

Meri Maa Ka Emotional Atyachaar

The Best Maa
Meri Maa

My ‘maa’ is  my ‘maa’.  She is unique in her style and the way she cares for me. There is i guess nothing bad in her except for the occurrence of her “Emotional Atyachaar”. When I saw the mail regarding the contest by Indiblogger.in , this was the first thing that came into my mind. The best thing about her “Emotional Atyachaar” is at the end of that I become happy to see how much she cares for me. Now lets get into some ’emotional-action’…

This is the general one that my maa does i guess everyday… I am trying to explain it through an example conversation..

Maa—“Kaisa hai??”

Me—“Accha Hoon”

Maa—“Office kaisa chal raha hai??”

Me—“thik thaak”

Maa—“Roz juice pita hai??”

Me—“Nahi maa roz to nahi pita”

Maa—-“Aaj piya hai??”

Me—“Nahi Maa..:P”

//now here goes the emotional action statement…


No. 1 :

“Abhi jaa ke juice pi le varna main khana nahi khaungi…tum to bas mera dimag kharab karna jaante ho”

No. 2 :

“baat nahi karungi tumse….”

No. 3:

“Ghar mein mat aana…apni maa ko bhul jaana…koi aur maa dhund lena…!!!!”..

etc.  etc..


//After listening to all these and getting “Emotionally Atyachared”

“Haan maa!!! main abbhi juice pine ja raha hoon…aise gussa mat hona maa!!!”

Maa—“Juice pike phone kar…nahi kiya to bhool jana ki teri koi maa hai…!!!samjha?????”

//horrible :O

this is how my maa does emotional atyachaar to me!!! though i dont get angry as almost every mom does it…

if you replace “juice” with “milk” or “doctor checkup”, the thing remains almost same…:P

In the End i Love it..Love to see that there is really someone who cares for me selflessly… Love you Maa.

Will you come love?

Will you come love?

I wrote that poem  a couple of days ago and i have already posted this poem in my facebook notes.

Go to my facebook note page.

here goes my poem…

Let me express my feelings,
beneath the blue, above the green,
where the path asks me to walk,
with the whole of GOD’s blessings.

I dive in the sea to wake me up,
I see the sun down like the ones above,
I have lost the way, the way to love,
I find no one to help me out.

Then I see you, with a hope in heart
You give your hand to take me up,
but the earth come down to the deepest,
far from you, where i drop down hard.

The darkness spreads and makes me blind,
I search for a way but I fail to find,
the rocks come closer, to crush me down,
Will you come love, to make me fine?

[Image taken from: margonaut.com]

a complicated post..

There are patterns…patterns of the flow of thoughts.
Thought of things surrounding us, thought of things that may come to us.
these thoughts has colour…changing with the change in surroundings, people, phaze, mood, time and need.
their instantaneous effect greatly deviate with weather, music we are listening to and the tiny smile that we hide inside ourselves all
the time.
When you are alone in a room and listening to a music with slow tempo and with very few instruments used in the track, u think
about yourself, with colours like gray, black and the dark shades…they play major role in taking decisions related to friends and
When you walk down the road, u try to live in your past. u remember those special moments or you promise your heart to
become stronger..u live the best or the worst…with a hope of seeing the clouds and birds…
When you are with friends whom you love the most, u feel free, free from the flow of thoughts, with smile in both your heart and
When you see a baby playing around you, you just smile seeing his/her actions and talks with a fantastic feeling that cant be
expressed… and thats transparent.
“Light”, when attached with “Sun” gives warmth and when attached with “Moon” reveals calmness..
There are many many patterns.. and all of them come in life atleast once.
they dont just leave our lives like a paper coloured with a single colour, they create shades, they create the eagerness to search,
observe and love.