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I am a Web Developer / Designer from India. I spend most of my time creating and learning new stuff about web and related technologies. I also like to follow web design trends and Typography. I am an open web standards evangelist. 

On the personal note, I am a vegetarian. I rationally believe in Jainism and follow it. When words don’t fit, I play guitar to express myself. I love to test latest gadgets and read about them. I follow TED videos with passion. Code is an art form I believe and I always try to propagate whatever creative thing I come across.

Job Profile –

TATA Consultancy Services – Current

Assistant Systems Engineer

I am currently working in TCS Hyderabad as a UI/UX Developer. I also encourage modern web standards in the group and spread it with the help of tutorials and sessions.

TechIndyeah Software Private Limited

Software Developer

In TechIndyeah I worked on various aspects. I made business plans, prototypes and product architectures. I also worked on front-end of a lot of client projects. Managing other developers day to day was also part of my job.

Techshu LLP.

Software Intern

I was an intern here for 6 months and was part of a product building team. I mostly worked on Facebook and Twitter APIs and integrating them with company products.

Other Life Events –

  1. Got awarded as the Best Young Contributor in Milan 2014, TCS.
  2. I wrote a tiny handbook for fixing Internet Explorer issues while developing web application for TCS Internal teams.
  3. I got awarded in TCS for authoring knowledge sharing sessions on CSS and modern Web.
  4. I got awarded as a Star Performer in TCS Initial Learning Program.
  5. I was the core member of the team which went to IEIT, Durgapur for campus recruitments.
  6. I was a core member of the organizing committee of SKSGi ERP team which won NEN E-Week India twice consecutively.
  7. I was a member of the team which organized  Bloggers’ Workshop in Bengal College of Engineering and Technology.

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