9 Reasons – Why people put status updates about life

Lets admit it. We all are absolutely familiar with status updates that are about so called LIFE. We all see it here and there infecting our walls and notifications.

But why do people post so many updates about life? Here are 9 reasons for your comfort. Sit back, relax and enjoy. 😉

1. They just had a break-up – Ain’t it pretty self explanatory? 😛 Well they loved someone so much, thought life was all about rainbows and butterflies and their status on Facebook was…

In a relationship with that_pretty_girl/ that_handsome_guy

… well we can barely imagine how hard it can be on their lives. They hate everything now. They hate the Sun, the Wind, the kids around event the chocolate lava cake!…And to the limits that they can be heard saying “Shit man! this dog shit! Grrrr!!!!!”. Yeah! they want all of it to show up on your wall.

2. They are getting over a break-up! – Ah! self realization!Mind you! this is not a repeat point. They are now either Robert Frost or Bob Marley or “Sai Baba. Filled with all sorts of LIFE CHANGING KNOWLEDGE just by browsing for life quotes on BrainyQuotes or Googling if that’s too mainstream. Yeah! they want to enlighten you so that you learn from those… let it be.

3. They think their life is hell – Be it a family drama or a friend betraying them when going for a movie, everyone considers them to be no less than a military veteran… So? shoot on the wall soldier!

4. They think they just know everything about life – I hate these guys! Seriously!

5. Its trendy for them – When half of the world is talking about it why follow a different path? … and to be trendy all they need is copy-paste. That will easily get them couple of “AWWWWs” or “Its true” and few more red dots on top of their notification icon…They are happy with that.

6. They are the spiritual type – What else they have in life except for talking about it? Shut Up!

7. They don’t need a reason – It is said that nothing in life is free but they want to prove it wrong. They do it for free, without any interest. Enjoy baby!

8. Its in their blood – You can’t change any damn! aspect of it. The only way you can get rid them is hiding all of their posts from the NewsFeed. You want to block or remove them? My condolences are with the other friends of that person.

9.They are real – They don’t shit here and there every now and then. They are genuine. Caution – be prepared to get that “See More” link for a long… really long piece of text.

You feel there are more reasons? Tell me about it in the comments.


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