Sublime is a highly customizable text editor and with custom settings, you can make it totally yours. Here are my preferences as a developer that makes my sublime my own.

	"color_scheme": "Packages/Tomorrow Color Schemes/Tomorrow-Night.tmTheme",
	"font_face": "DejaVu Sans Mono",
	"font_size": 11.0,
	"theme": "Nil.sublime-theme",
	"font_options": ["subpixel_antialias"],
	"line_padding_bottom": 2,
	"line_padding_top": 2,
	"indent_to_bracket": true,
	"draw_minimap_border": true,
	"highlight_line": true

The font family is DejaVu Sans which can be downloaded from here.

The color scheme used is one of the Tomorrow Color Schemes for Sublime Package. You can find it in Package Control.

The theme that I am using is Nil Theme. The theme can also be installed via Package Control.

For more customization, you can always refer to the Default Sublime Settings and make the necessary changes in your User Preferences.


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