You might have heard of Sublime Text 2! Haven’t you? If not then you SHOULD go ahead and try this out here!! This is my favourite text editor of all time. Its simple, easy to use and the best thing about sublime is that it’s free! 🙂

Well those, who wanna do more but write less with codes, use snippets. What is a snippet? check here.

There are tonnes of snippets available for sublime and those can be found out from sublime itself!. You can install packages using Package manager. See the installation process here. Yeah! and you are done!! 🙂

Now go to tools -> Snippets.

Remove the text “Snippets:”.

Type “Install Package“. and hit Enter.

Package Control: Installation of Packages
Package Control: Installation of Packages

Now search for the type of snippets you want, you will find almost everything in there. Its just awesome! Some of the most popular code snippet packages are,

jQuery snippets package, CodeIgniter snippets, etc.

So?? party!! \m/ get the packages and build apps in lightning fast speed! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sublime Text – 2 Snippets.

  1. Its a great editor. Its not totally free, its an evaluation version but the evaluation period is unlimited. I could not find one functionality in the editor though, its “jump to function definition” when someone clicks on the function. There are plugins like “sublimecodeintel” etc. but they are not that great.

    1. well you can use a plugin named “Goto Documentation” that provides something similar…anyways thanks for your valuable comment!..

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