I have a wish… Just a wish

Wish…Something that we all have…Something that we ask for to the God irrespective of our age…Something that gives us happiness when it gets fulfilled… Something going along with us in each and every moment of our life…

I too have a wish and that too is very general but also special in a way… Every person on earth wishes for this in their own way, own language, own time and for own people. Yeah…Its the wish to see them HAPPY all throughout their life and that will eventually help you stay happy all time. 🙂 Isn’t it?

Though I know I have this wish, today it suddenly showed itself in a different way that actually caught me thinking for a moment…This post is the result of that. Today is Chat Puja. Here at Sainthia, it is big thing. Its about thousands of religious people who believe in Chat Maiya(The Goddess). Its about wishes, emotions, lights, fireworks, art, photographs and what not. It suddenly makes the otherwise dead bank alive.

So as usual I was enjoying watching people, all dressed up and getting the most out of them for this special time, kids playing in water with balloons, photographs being taken here and there, different expressions, different moods. Then as per the ritual I had to give “Arghya” to the ladies standing there in water till the sunset. It always makes me respect them very much. I had to get into water and then give them “Arghya” . I had to take water from the river and drop it again 3 times and each time i had to wish for something.

The first time… I took water, i was dropping it again and i had to make the first wish…I wished…


I had to be quick but i knew it was not the whole wish. I had to give it second try. Again I was dropping the water…


Ohhhkay.. So I wished what i wished to wish but I still had one wish left to ask. So for the third time, I asked for this…


Done.!! I asked for all three wishes… It was then when it clicked in my mind…TWINGED..;) Looking at the setting sun I was thinking that the above three wishes actually points to the same. In reality I have only one wish… very ordinary but very special too. It is for the people who make my life worth living. Seeing them Happy 🙂 . 

If you people are reading this, you know its for you. I Love you. And with you people around me, I do not want anything else.


12 thoughts on “I have a wish… Just a wish

  1. waah….kya baat 😉 i never knew dat u write soo well :p 🙂 bdw i m impressed by ur wish,though its general bt ya vry spl 🙂 likd it 🙂

  2. :)….. wen something comes to you unexpected you hardly know how to react….. am in that condition now, wanna cry wanna smile wanna be proud donno many reactions gulping to come out but none more important than the other….. i wont say thank you, cause wishes are never to be thanked they are some of the priceless assets that a person get in his/her life and am so lucky to get one today…… am no one big Praveen but yes with watever little i am i bless you that may God give you all that you want in life and may all your anxieties and troubles go far far away from you and your basket of smiles and joy be ever be brimmed. know wat its special, its special for me cause i get it from someone for whom i never did anything , whom i never even talked too… not because i didnt want but that oppurtunity or moment didnt rise up…. am oblidged dear …. am so lucky… Thanks GOD….. u will get a lot of people who wish for themselves but theres a hell few people who wish for others who wish to see others smiling and happy…… am proud to have a brother like you in my life…… good work praveen… keep it up and never change urself cause u r special…. u stand out in that mad race of today.., love you
    u made my day dear…………………………

  3. …..ok…hihi!!….. 😛
    Happiness….this year, 2011….i realised the worth of happiness… only after losing the feeling completely….i realised how much i miss being happy!! 😛
    …it is a perpetual hope…a permanent wish…to be happy. n then one fine day i found it!! 🙂
    n you knw…its all inside our own heart…its full of happiness…we just need to seek it….

    love u too….n wish u all the happiness in the world…. may ur happiness radiate into the lives of all the people around you (n that includes me 😛 😛 😛 …..hihi!!)….

  4. m so overwhelmed 2 see dat u hv considered me as one of those ppl, whose happiness matters 2 u d most…. thank u bhai, 4 considering me dis competent, n dis much close… on dis auspicious occasion of Chhath Puja, i wish ur life 2 get filled wid allll happiness in d world, n beyond……… Love u bhai… n miss u……….

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