Light Up Our Ways

Its been a long time since i have posted anything here… dunno what i was doing :p. Just today i thought of logging into my wordpress dashboard and see how things are going on and how far they have been changed by wordpress. Nice :).

So what’s making me write this post? well its this post  Its The Diwali Magic…..Know the Diwali Facts which is still getting the most views even after 2 years… 🙂 makes me happy 🙂 So starting to write again..and starting with Diwali of 2011.

As every year’s Diwali Celebration…this year also, started with the preparations… Cleaning home stuff, walls, wardrobes even bathrooms :p. My Brother(Pranab Puglia) has even recorded a video of me cleaning the commode :p :p. Well all around, being at home and doing home stuff rather than tech-things is always peaceful and better.

Coming to the main day.. 26th October, 11. The day which makes the Indian territory looks like a glowing panel of micro LEDs  from NASA sattelites ;).  I woke up late.. Every year we make Rangoli  and a big one…each time… Every time we have some sort of design pattern with us what we trace on the floor and do some modifications and then fill it with colors…but this time we had nothing in hand and initially nothing in mind :p. So I started making one. Applying whatever I learned in Engineering Graphics in 1st year :p ;). It came like WOW and I started drawing it..It took nearly 7 hours of hard work to put it in it’s final form that looks like this….

And then we had Tilak from sisters, Puja @ home and our office. I shot a few pics and I like the following one. 🙂

I was fun with friends and I had a great time with Family 🙂
I end this draft with the wish of a Happy and Prosperous life to everyone… Let happiness and love  light up our ways. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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