Meri Maa Ka Emotional Atyachaar

The Best Maa
Meri Maa

My ‘maa’ isΒ  my ‘maa’.Β  She is unique in her style and the way she cares for me. There is i guess nothing bad in her except for the occurrence of her “Emotional Atyachaar”. When I saw the mail regarding the contest by , this was the first thing that came into my mind. The best thing about her “Emotional Atyachaar” is at the end of that I become happy to see how much she cares for me. Now lets get into some ’emotional-action’…

This is the general one that my maa does i guess everyday… I am trying to explain it through an example conversation..

Maa—“Kaisa hai??”

Me—“Accha Hoon”

Maa—“Office kaisa chal raha hai??”

Me—“thik thaak”

Maa—“Roz juice pita hai??”

Me—“Nahi maa roz to nahi pita”

Maa—-“Aaj piya hai??”

Me—“Nahi Maa..:P”

//now here goes the emotional action statement…


No. 1 :

“Abhi jaa ke juice pi le varna main khana nahi khaungi…tum to bas mera dimag kharab karna jaante ho”

No. 2 :

“baat nahi karungi tumse….”

No. 3:

“Ghar mein mat aana…apni maa ko bhul jaana…koi aur maa dhund lena…!!!!”..

etc.Β  etc..


//After listening to all these and getting “Emotionally Atyachared”

“Haan maa!!! main abbhi juice pine ja raha hoon…aise gussa mat hona maa!!!”

Maa—“Juice pike phone kar…nahi kiya to bhool jana ki teri koi maa hai…!!!samjha?????”

//horrible :O

this is how my maa does emotional atyachaar to me!!! though i dont get angry as almost every mom does it…

if you replace “juice” with “milk” or “doctor checkup”, the thing remains almost same…:P

In the End i Love it..Love to see that there is really someone who cares for me selflessly… Love you Maa.


13 thoughts on “Meri Maa Ka Emotional Atyachaar

  1. awwww lol the title shud be “har maa ka emotional attyachaar”
    very familiar example amongst our age group (;
    But yes we all are so lucky bcoz hume Bhagwan, mata pita ke roop me mile hain ! (:

    1. u know what when i stay at durgapur,, my mom’s blood pressure becomes normal as it is generally very low!!! πŸ˜›

  2. very true yaar!!!
    itz a very sweet kind of atyaachaar by a mom which shows the endless love n afffection for his/her child…..
    mere saath to daily daily aisa hota hai……
    luv u maa…….

  3. As Ankita said…this should be “HAR MAA KA EMOTIONAL ATTYACHAAR”…this is just because we don’t know how much our parents…(specially our mother) cares for us…jisse hum log EMOTIONAL ATTYACHAR kehte hain…usse dusre andaaz me dekha jaaye to bas it’s just possessiveness for one’s children…this possessiveness is nothing but the LOVE and CARE… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Truly our parents are GOD for us..

  4. cool……………….seems to be time consuming…………….but fruitfull efffort
    encourages others to do somethin like dat

  5. ya,that’s quite natural….i generally shout n become angry bt i know that doesn’t make my mom angry..c is so cool..thats why c is MAA.isn’t it?

  6. Its just owwwwwwwwsome πŸ™‚
    Its the true love and caring of our mothers . Its seems to be an emotional atyachar but its something what we (specially I) enjoyed , I fell so proud to see someone caring and loving me so much ………..
    As wide as the ocean
    as deep as the sea
    as high as the heavens is my mother’s love for me.
    As deep as the sunset
    as high as the sky
    as high as the mountains mother taught me to fly.
    More than anyone I know I’ve looked up to and admired you
    for you have every quality that I have long aspired to.
    You’re more than just a Mom to me. You’re my teacher, my friend.
    You’re everything you could possibly be which is why I want to send…
    Grateful thanks for all you’ve done, your guidance, your patience and care.
    But most of all, above all else, Mom, thanks for being there.
    As quiet as a whisper
    as loud as drum
    Together forever just me and my Mom.
    U-you live

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