Will you come love?

Will you come love?

I wrote that poem  a couple of days ago and i have already posted this poem in my facebook notes.

Go to my facebook note page.

here goes my poem…

Let me express my feelings,
beneath the blue, above the green,
where the path asks me to walk,
with the whole of GOD’s blessings.

I dive in the sea to wake me up,
I see the sun down like the ones above,
I have lost the way, the way to love,
I find no one to help me out.

Then I see you, with a hope in heart
You give your hand to take me up,
but the earth come down to the deepest,
far from you, where i drop down hard.

The darkness spreads and makes me blind,
I search for a way but I fail to find,
the rocks come closer, to crush me down,
Will you come love, to make me fine?

[Image taken from: margonaut.com]


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