a complicated post..

There are patterns…patterns of the flow of thoughts.
Thought of things surrounding us, thought of things that may come to us.
these thoughts has colour…changing with the change in surroundings, people, phaze, mood, time and need.
their instantaneous effect greatly deviate with weather, music we are listening to and the tiny smile that we hide inside ourselves all
the time.
When you are alone in a room and listening to a music with slow tempo and with very few instruments used in the track, u think
about yourself, with colours like gray, black and the dark shades…they play major role in taking decisions related to friends and
When you walk down the road, u try to live in your past. u remember those special moments or you promise your heart to
become stronger..u live the best or the worst…with a hope of seeing the clouds and birds…
When you are with friends whom you love the most, u feel free, free from the flow of thoughts, with smile in both your heart and
When you see a baby playing around you, you just smile seeing his/her actions and talks with a fantastic feeling that cant be
expressed… and thats transparent.
“Light”, when attached with “Sun” gives warmth and when attached with “Moon” reveals calmness..
There are many many patterns.. and all of them come in life atleast once.
they dont just leave our lives like a paper coloured with a single colour, they create shades, they create the eagerness to search,
observe and love.


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