Dear Ones

Dear Ones, originally uploaded by praveenpuglia.

So this is a FACE-Book of the persons who love me so much and who are the part of my life, my soul.
Whenever i feel bad or lost, i just see the picture and the smiling faces. it gives me a lot of energy and makes me realise that i am not alone; there are people who trust me and whom i can blindly trust.

Thank you Life.


4 thoughts on “Dear Ones

  1. heyyyyy praveen……

    its a graet attempt……the colaz of faces which really matter to you is simply superb….lots of known faces there…..nd from now i will try to make my face more presentable to get a place there…..ha ha ha……keep it up……

  2. it’s really good to see that you are been loved by all these person……they of course love you a love you a lot…..and vice versa….
    the world without love,trust and relation is like life in hell!!!!
    -so u r very lucky to get all these faces by your side…………

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