Mads doing holi…Its Different!!!

Have u ever imagined mads playing holi???? haven’t??? then go through the post…

I came back home from the hostel on 28th feb and played the craziest holi of my life yesterday. Me, my bhai(brother),his friends and my friends.We formed a group like everytime and we were roaming around the town. Like everytime, I loved to see the terror of our group in the eyes of the people, the terror of holi. ūüôā¬† have a look of the day from my side.

it was around 8:45 am. i was sitting in the dining room. i was already prepared for the colour attack because i know that happens each year. but suddenly something happened that I never expected. my bhai and his friends came suddenly and they held me very tightly.¬†they took me out of my home and then i was forced to sit down on the road. I was wearing the t-shirt that i painted recently. they didnt show any mercy and within few seconds i turned into a red pandoran with two buckets of dark red colour flowing down from my head to toe. Just after this, all of them were laughing loudly and shouting out—“BURA NA MAANO HOLI HAI”(i.e. Don’t Mind, Its Holi today”). this is how the day started.

After all that i didnt have anything to do except for joining them and i did that. We went to our “ADDA”( a place where we friends meet at holi). Everything was prepared to make the day for the mads. Lets have a quick view of the weapons we had…

1.60 kgs of “ABIR”(i.e. Dry Colour)
2.a sum of 10 kgs of face colours. Colours were- Red, Shiny Green, Silver, Golden, Black, Yellow and Blue.
3. Buckets, full of water.
4. Colour balloons.
5.Pichkari(i.e. Colour Sprayer)

and yes,, the most important thing

a totally MAD Group.

Our first attack was our society people. We made a small stage on the road, and then one by one we were colouring each one with red colour leaving all the politeness. Then we moved to the main road and we attacked a whole bus in which the people were going to attend a marriage ceremony. I guess they were very unlucky. he he he.:)

Then I called my friends and forcefully they had to take nice colour-bath that finally turned them into red pandorans. We attacked everyone of that locality with beams full strategy and we won. We made everyone red and black and then we ran away from there.

We again came back on the streets and believe me we tore the pants and t-shirts of our friends and cousins… this may seem to be very bad but it comes with lot of fun… We had “THANDAI”(i.e. the traditional holi drink, sometimes called “BHAANG”).

Now our last stop… We went to Binit Da’s Home(a¬† very good friend of my bhai). He tried to stay hidden, stay away from colours but after the 1-hour torture and hide and seek game with the group, he had to surrender and then we attacked him inside his home, making all the floors red and green…We went to the roof and then everyone attacked everyone making the situation to be a tag battle. Believe me,, after that not a single part¬†of our body was left to be coloured,,, No one had any notion of their pants and t-shirts… we acted like shameless mad guys who were only concerned about fun and enjoyment. The following¬†are the names of our Central Mad Holi Team(CMHT)…

Praveen(Me), Pranav(My Bhai), Amit,Vivek,Anjan,Koustav,Arif,Sutapa,Nitesh,Binit,Ravi,Jayant,Rohit and Manoj.

Supporting Characters:–Our Family Members, Localites and others.

Victims:—Mainly our friens and family members and near about¬†400 others¬† containing bus passengers, rickshaw drivers, kids, senior citizens, railway staff, shopkeepers even dogs…

Pictures:— We didnt take any camera or mobile phone with us. I only have the pics of mine and my bhai.. have a look….





I loved everything of this holi and i shall remember this my whole life…Thanks to all the above and God.


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