e-week India 2010 at BCET

Its 6th Feb when i am writing this post from erp-cell,the day whose sun will rise with the initiation of e-week India 2010.

from past 2 years BCET has been the champion and i must feel proud to say that i am a student of this college and an e-cell member as well.

India,a democracy,is a growing country with so many opportunities and problems as well.how one can come up with the idea to provide the solution of problems and find opportunity in that is a great topic to think about and a tough but logical theme of a mega event.

from past few days i can see the students of the college coming together to create a buzz among everyone,,the buzz of INDIA:OPPORTUNITIES WITHIN.and as an amateur clicker i tried to pick few moments of team work and fun.

( but due to problems in flickr server i am unable to post the pictures now. will be posting them as soon as possible.)

i don’t know what value does e-week has among others but for me,,its like a family festival.similar to Diwali or Holi and feeling nice to see the members of that family working together to make it a successful and memorable carnival.

i am eagerly waiting for the events to be launched and yes…




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