Brother?? Will u Be my Brother Forever??

DADA on his Birthday

Though i am writing this post now,,,this post is all about 17th January.

17th january

what is special about that day???

is there any national ceremony on that day??


its my Brother’s Birthday….MY BROTHER…MY DADA,,,MY EVERYTHING.,,Whom i love and respect more than my parents.

I cannot describe him in words,,I cannot compare him with anyone in this universe,,he is unique and the most important thing is,,,

i am loaded with immense luck that i am his brother and he loves me. A big big thanks to God who blessed me with this gift.

I cant even imagine my childhood without the brotherly support and love he gave me..

It feels like,,life is EMPTY without him..

So on his 20th birthday, the first question that i asked him is the title…


and know what? I got the ans:- “CHUP KARKE SOJA,,SUBAH SUBAH MATHO MAT KHARAB KAR”–(Dont Give me Headache, keep quite and sleep)

i laughed and then i asked again…and this time the answer was –YES YES. NOW SLEEP

i laughed twice and woke up. Well that was obvious because i asked him that question at 5:30 chilling cold…

The Whole Day,17th Jan, We had fun,fun and fun.

Once again,,Thanks to life, and to GOD..for gifting me the most precious GEM of the Universe…



5 thoughts on “Brother?? Will u Be my Brother Forever??

  1. dont have words to comment. really. no words or exclamation marks or question marks or any other punctuation for that matter, can do justice to feelings. truly.

  2. yup!!! its really a matter of fortune that u have got such a friendly bro… bt 1 Question… “Ye sawal kia tujhe itna subha kar na chaiye tha…is thandi 5.30 am mein!!!” really what a time…

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