well this is my first poem-post….i mean i am posting a poem for the first time. Please Read it and post your comments.Thank you in ADVANCE..

What should I call u?

My life,my heart?

But when I ask this,

You take me apart and say

You are not my life,not my heart,

You are just a paper and I am making papercraft.

I ask so… what is written in that paper?

You just say,,I am rough

I am guilty,I am filthy,

I shall never keep you happy.


You said Everything in a fly

& I looked at you to find

Why? Why? and Why?..


I trusted you much,

but hey partner,i guess,life sucks.


Was that you with whom I was talking???

Did you give me much in a BUNCH??

Did i expect more??? did I??

You said,,Its your problem,not mine,,GOOD BYE.




7 thoughts on “GOOD BYE

  1. sooooo its looks like praveen is not like that whom i knew……..u are grown a lot boss……your first attempt as a poet is nice….i m looking foroward to see more of you……..

  2. hmm… pretty good for first try.. but the thing i’m interested to know the most is, to whom it is dedicated??

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