The Success of Chandrayaan….


“Antariksha Vijanan ka Sabse Bada Din”,,,,”ISRO ke liye aitihaasik din” ……..

well these are the statements that are flashing on the screen again and again in every news channel i guess……

its 9.15am and i am writing about the success of Chandrayaan— the satellite launched for the moon mission by ISRO(Indian Space Research Organisation)

it was 7:10 i guess when i “switched on”  the TV(idiot box, television,etc. he he :D),,, i was just rolling through the channels,,,,and  stopped at NDTV India(the best hindi news channel)……… and i saw those lines flashing again and again…….

so what the matter actually is ????????

actually the Chandrayaan Mission was ended before the scheduled end of the mission but the data it sent to ISRO before it’s end were very significant and now after analyzing them for almost 6 months the scientists of ISRO are confirming that there is large amount of water inside the moon surface in the form of layers…and the possibility of life in moon can become true……..

Now NASA sent an instrument with that Chandrayaan named MOON MAPPER….. that device analyzed the 97% of the moon surface and sent the datas to ISRO and NASA.  

yesterday Science Repoter—-a very famous magazine,,,,, published all these in it….and today we are watching all these in TV.. proud to be an INDIAN……… thats what an Indian Scientist from NASA named Amitabh Ghosh said………

wellll will be posting more about it…. u just watch it in tv and check my blog for updates……



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