got wat the whole BCET wanted….

hey guys,,,,,, accha can u stay in a place where an announcement of this kind has been done:-

“There Will Be No Water Supply For Next 3 or 4 days”….

i think no…….

and if u are staying in a hostel and giving your exams then this kind of announcements are really beeeeeeeeep..

well thats the actual matter in our college now a days…… i am at homies now, b’coz the hostel authorities has told us to leave the hostel as they will be unable to suppy water and accordingly the food…….


actually, when we got the news of water problem,, the very first day we went to HOD(CSE) sir and told him to postpone our exams and to take them after D.P. i.e. Durga Puja…….

he seemed quite convinced…. but told us(Me, Poulomi, Shreya, Sreyasi, Parijat, Sumit, Rajeev, Rumela, Rashmi) to meet Registrar sir…. and discuss this matter….. and the registrar kind of kicked us off…… some other deptt. students and we were called by Mr. S.K.Sharma, Chairman, BCET,Durgapur… and what he did,,, was kind of “Jale Pe Namak Chidakna”

we gave ckt. theory and digital electronics exam that day…….

next day our session started from 9.30 for the first time in the history of BCET….with data structure class test,,,,,, just after that we came to know that water problem is being extended for 4 more days….. and the college has decided to postpone the exam….

welllllll i think the moral of the story is we did not get what we actually wanted bt still we got something for us, something in our favour,,,,,,,,,

another one thing that is,,, poulomi wrote the whole ppl lab file b’coz i told her to do so,,,, and she came to know the temp. cancellation of the exams after she completed…… Sorry….for that……

last night i got the game Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box,,,,,,, played the game for whole night and then started my packing……………. we the hostellers did lot of masti,,,,,, on the last night in the hostel before puja vacations…….. now we have exams on 10 th october….

But i am not waiting for that….. i m just waiting for pujas to come sharply…..and i m really happy to get,,what the whole BCET wanted,,,,,, the shift in the exams date….


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