while…was in home….

well guys as i said to u……. i came back home on 6th,afternoon after a long journey of 7 hours………….from durgapur to bardhamaan and then sainthia by…Howrah-Rampurhat Saheed Superfast…….. it usually takes 2 to 3 hours from durgapur to my home..

i went home after 2 weeks and with the joy of cultural fest,,,,,,,,video of my performance in my laptop and KODAK moments of Euphonic’09….

one thing that i knew that my MAA and PAAPA are going to be very  glad for what i did in the fest………..

now after i reached home,,,,, i found mom was not there….. and i started waiting until she come ,,,,,to show her the video…….  but after few minutes KAAKISA told me that she would be late….

during that time i met ANJAN(one of my best friends i have ever got in my life)…. and showed him the video…. he also liked it……

i was feeling like a star in front of my school friends and my family members…

the second day i did nothing except sleeping and eating and watching tv…………..

yesterday i updated my blog and packed my bag as i had to come to durgapur today..

n now at 5:12 i m updating my blog from netlab of the college…. and now by by


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